Our mission & brand

A strong brand presence.

Helping, caring and protecting.

200 years of medical expertise. 200 years of care expertise. 200 years of trust. For more than two centuries, we have been driven to create the best results for our customers, healthcare professionals, patients and their caretakers – through comprehensive services and high-quality products. Our new brand appearance reflects this attitude across all communication channels by bringing provable facts together with the emotional content of a humanistic approach.

Claiming what we care for.

Our new global brand claim “Helps. Cares. Protects.” combines the competence- and outcome-focused aspects of the brand with the approachable and humanistic qualities that are a natural part of providing people with smart products and solutions.
The newly designed logo has a clear, organic form and expresses the unity of our mission while providing a crisp, recognizable design. It takes our 200-year heritage of medical expertise and brings it into the present day.

Continual evolution.

The HARTMANN logo has undergone considerable changes over its long history.


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Our mission & brand

200 years of medical expertise. 200 years of care expertise. 200 years of trust. When you’ve been around for over two centuries, you’ve seen a lot and learned even more. It’s also given us the time to develop our unique identity, trusted expertise and commitment to engineering the best outcomes possible. From the beginning, we've been there to care and protect. It’s what our customers rely on and what our brand is all about. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.