Imagery, photographs and visual graphics

No matter what help is needed, we’re there to provide outcome-driven solutions that demonstrate our commitment to care and recovery. This sense of dedication is seen in our photography and visual world.

A world of care, compassion and confidence

A wide but dedicated range of visual landscapes allow for clear communication where words fall short. By utilizing images, photographs, illustrations, and icons, we can deliver the HARTMANN mission statement with ease and clarity – because often care is better shown than spelled out.

The world of HARTMANN


Illustrations help convey complex ideas in a simple way. They should be meaningful and reflect a user's context and emotional state. They tell stories and thoughtfully convey ideas – they should not be used as decoration or without consideration.


The HARTMANN main icon set is based on the characteristics found in the corporate typeface Panton. Clear, reduced forms convey a sense of clarity. The rounded edges as well as rounded caps ads a human touch and support communicating at eye-level.

The primary color for icons in print applications is HARTMANN Dark Blue. A square form is the basis for all icons. Within a square of 160px the line of the icon would be 8px.

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