Colors convey emotions and connotations. By choosing a color palette wisely, our brand identity can speak for itself with bold colors that drive home messages of strength, reliability, and trust.

We are blue!

We rely on various shades of blue to illustrate and emphasize our key messages and missions statements. The HARTMANN brand identity and colors are the calm and competent face we present to customers and consumers in the B2C and B2B fields alike.

Primary colors

In the first place, the primary Blue conveys both a sense of competence and calmness. Our primary blue tones HARTMANN Bright Blue and HARTMANN Dark Blue reflect this as well as our expertise, dedication and brand values. HARTMANN Bright Blue is used as the main color for shapes as well as in the typography. As an accent color, dark blue is subtly used in smaller shapes and as a typography color.

Accent colors

Eight accent colors add an emotional touch to a design and make it appear lively. Accent colors work best when applied to small elements, they act as typographic highlights or draw attention to a detail in an illustration.

While important, they should never play a bigger visual role than our HARTMANN blue. There are different degrees opacity in accent color, please refer to the shades defined below.

Basic colors

Our neutral color range is used in both typography and also backgrounds. For example, a light gray background tone visually lifts information off the page and makes it stand out. Different opacity levels are allowed as needed.

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