When a brand's identity is cohesive, it increases the brand's perceived value. Consistency allows your brand to appear more professional and reliable. By implementing brand guidelines, you make it easier to maintain the quality and integrity of our brand's image.

Good design creates value.

Consistently abiding by our brand identity is an essential step in clearly communicating the HARTMANN values and extending our mission beyond what meets the eye. Quality design is a vehicle for important information and we want to make it as accessible to you and your teams as possible. These guidelines are here to help.
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Our new brand identity expresses what we stand for, as well as what we do and why HARTMANN is unique. All these values, aspects and fresh directions have flowed into our new brand campaign look, both in terms of products, services and communicative channels.
Our corporate typefaces
Typography is language made visible. It expresses hierarchy and brand presence. Our typefaces reflect the professional and human side of our work: the voice of expertise and commitment and that of hope and joy. And because HARTMANN speaks in a way that everyone understands, its typography must be clear and highly legible.
We communicate with end customers - but also in the B2B environment, with associations and institutions. In all cases, HARTMANN pictures show real moments that surprise and touch. They tell stories that show the motivation behind helping and protecting.
First and foremost, the primary blue conveys both a sense of competence and calmness. Our primary blue tones HARTMANN Bright Blue and HARTMANN Dark Blue reflect this as well as our expertise, dedication, and brand values.
Icons and illustrations
Illustrations help convey complex ideas in a simple way. They should be meaningful and reflect a user's context and emotional state. They help to tell stories and thoughtfully convey ideas - they should not be used as decoration or without consideration.

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